Monday, September 30, 2013

Poetry short: Harmony (Original)

    You made me move, while I made you think. We were always at odds, never in sync. I would
tell you left and then you would pull me right, back from the trip that my mind left on. My voice never reached, I should have practiced what I preached. You were the one that listened and perfected the technique. I was full of pride, far to proud to change. The same tune, a know it all maybe that's to blame… Why I'm so ashamed …when I'm with you now it's strange. Your up beat, I'm just the same tempo. That you met in the back seat, of your best friends rental. In those days we were loud, now things seem to be quiet… the same old tune used to be such a riot, the same old tune used to be our favorite song… but you kept switching genres and moving along. Your no longer my melody, nor I your lyrics. As far as us together now neither of us will hear it. There's no longer any harmony between you and this old tune. But this old wolf still howls at the blue moon. Because I can never forget that time...  when we were together. For the worse or for the better. It's better to have had than to have never… experienced harmony.


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