Sunday, May 10, 2015

Around Toronto! (Original)


Oh Canada! I recently got a chance too travel to Toronto an explore the wonders of THE MEGACITY. Upon first entering Canada I immediately realized the difference in hospitality compared to America. When asking for information at train and bus stations I wasn't met with the usual heart warming tough look quick explanation to my surprise. Needles to say, people are very friendly. That didn't change when I got to Toronto either. One of the things I enjoyed most about Toronto was the embrace of internationals. Visiting Korea, China and other cultural city town districts you get a strong sense of a welcome community.

 I traveled all around the city to cool places like CN Tower and Casa loma. If your not a heights person the CN Tower is still a great place to visit, located conveniently next to the aquarium. Casa loma is very nostalgic if you've ever seen the live action X-men movie. A few scenes were filmed on location back in 2003.

 In my opinion Toronto is one of the best cities in the world. The crime is low and the people are open minded. If your looking for a great place to take in sights an a slice of humble pie, Toronto should definitely be on your top 5 list cities to travel to.