Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Singapore (Original)

  Across the sea, nearly ten thousand miles I traveled to Singapore to live and learn about one of the most interesting countries on the planet. Singapore is an Island nation, approximately 227.6 miles long, with a population of roughly 6 million. What's most fascinating is that the country itself is a large city. First thing people have asked me is, what language do they speak in Singapore? Being a former British colony, English is the most used language. But there are three more languages in Singapore. The majority of Singapore population is Chinese, after that there are Malaysians, Indians and Bangladesh. There are other ethnicities in Singapore but Chinese, Malaysian and Indian are the most dominate. That being said, English is used across the board.

In Singapore 'Gum' is really illegal. Singapore doesn't sell gum or allow it to be imported. That was one of those rumors that you'd think was just that, a rumor. But most Singaporeans don't follow most of the what some would call super strict laws. I was historical when one of my friends offered me a piece of what looked like winter fresh in the middle of a class.


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