Friday, October 4, 2013

An event in Grand Rapids: ART PRIZE 2013 (Original)

   What started off as a "radical idea" has now become a huge success. In 2009, Rick DeVos, entrepreneur, debuted a new idea for an art competition. An idea in which winners are selected solely by the vote of the people and artist worldwide are welcomed to participate. All competing for a chance to win a $200,000 prize. During this competition Grand Rapids Michigan is transformed into a giant display for works of art. From parking lots, bridges, to building interiors, no space is left unfilled. Welcome to ArtPrize, now on it's fifth year, one of the biggest art competitions in the United States.

   For the past five years people from all over have come to visit Michigan's 2nd largest city every fall to experience the 19 day long gala known as ArtPrize. In it's first year it drew over 80,000 visitors, a number which has since grown to a whopping 300,000 or more. ArtPrize draws more than just your average painter of course. Some artist work in 3 dimensions, video, photography or sculpting, a little bit of everything to say the least. The local communities support is also impressive. Many shop and property owners open up spaces to allow artist to set up venues.  
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While walking through ArtPrize it's hard not to notice the singers and musicians throwing in their bit to gain a little exposure. Not a bad idea considering how many people turn out for this once a year event.

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