Monday, October 28, 2013

An event in Grand Rapids: Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival (Original)

     Scary, thrilling and out of this world. A few words that describe the films showcased during the Thriller! Chiller! film festival. Thriller Chiller is an international film festival held yearly in Grand Rapids Michigan inside of the Wealthy Theatre. Running for 8 years, it has become one of Grand Rapids largest events. The festival invites independent film makers on a global scale to submit their short or feature films to be screened to an audience sitting readily on the edge of their seats. It's called Thriller! Chiller! for a reason. Thriller Chiller showcases action, suspense, syfy and horror films with a touch of drama and comedy here and there. Though the festival focuses on these particular genres it does not exclude others.

     One of the great things about Thriller Chiller is the level of engagement. The directors, producers and actors that attend the festival talk, take pictures and even joke around with movie goers, giving the event a very welcoming and down to earth atmosphere. Every one that attends is sure to have a good time. However, parents be mindful as there is alcohol served and some movies may contain content not suitable for children.

     I sat down with Anthony Griffin, one of Thriller Chiller's founders, to talk more in depth about the original idea behind the festival and to discuss it's defining moment along with the best compliment it has received.


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